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Human Resources

HR is primarily concerned with the management of people within the organization, focusing on policies and system. At NWPGCL, the HR department has robust internal system and processes in place for smooth and efficient conduct of business and complies with relevant rules and regulations. A comprehensive delegation of power exists for smooth decision making. The employees are an important part to accomplish the company’s overall vision and mission.

HR Vision

We promote excellence in our employees by delivering innovative HR programs and strategies to support accomplishing the company’s goals.

HR’s Objective/Code of Conduct

  • Recruit and retain talented people.
  • Develop and reinforce a competitive compensation package to attract and retain human capital.
  • Support talent with professional and career development opportunities through training.
  • Encourage innovation, creativity and flexibility necessary to enhance competitiveness.
  • Performance based management.
  • Manage and utilize people effectively.
  • Develop competencies to enhance individual and company’s performance.

Performance Management System (PMS) & Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

For better management procedure NWPGCL has a Performance Management System (PMS). Annual Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Targets are set for the company by the Ministry. The achievement of these targets is rewarded by KPI Bonuses based on individual employee’s annual performance. For motivational purpose an annual Best Officer/Staff Award is given based on individual employee’s performance.

Training And Development

Training is an organised,systematic series of activities designed to enhance and individual's work-related knowledge,skills,understanding and motivation. Corporate Training focuses more on managers than on workers.Intensive training program,on regular basis,is being imparted to the employees to meet the challenges in the power industry.




Training Calendar
2022-2023 30/06/2022 Download